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Speaking Engagements

Bloomberg/BNA International Tax Speaker, in connection with the following topics, among others:

    • Cross-Border IP Tax Planning in Ireland: The Post-BEPS Era;
    • REITs, UPREITs, and UP-C Structures: FIRPTA Considerations for Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate;
    • Principles of Repatriation Planning;
    • Selected M&A Diligence Considerations: DCLs and FIRPTA;
    • Dual Consolidated Losses (DCLs);
    • Joint Ventures and Partnerships in International Taxation;
    • Subpart F Income Principles;
    • Investments in U.S. Property under IRC Section 956;
    • International Intermediate Taxation;
    • APB 23, ASC 740, ASC 805;
    • The Impact of OECD BEPS Action 2 on Cross-Border Financing of U.S. MNE;
    • Pre-Immigration Tax Planning and Transfer Pricing Implications;
    • Supply Chain and Reverse Business Restructurings after the U.S. TCJA: Perspectives from China, Ireland, and UK.

TPMinds Americas Speaker.

The Knowledge Group.

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Teaching Experience

  • Boston University School of Law, LLM in Taxation Program: Guest Lecturer (Transfer Pricing, 1 guest lecture on practical aspects).
  • Universidad Del Norte, Facultad de Derecho (School of Law), Barranquilla, Colombia, S.A./Adjunct Professor of Law (Introduction to Law and Business Law for MBA students).